Friday, May 09, 2008

Viking's had to drink too, right?

You knew the Vikings had to drink out of something, right? Well, it's always hard to research this stuff when all the books focus on battles and who is sleeping with whom. Where is the important stuff, like WHAT did they eat or for me, WHAT were they eating out of?

I have a book laying around called "the Vikings," years ago, which had ONE poorly shot picture of these vessels.

Since then, there are other sites and books that I've come across these same vessels. I make these now as cups and as far as I can tell from this website, they assume it was indeed used for cooking/eating/drink.

As far as a lot of my reading went, much of the pottery came from the Rhineland, however. Much of the "Viking" cook wear was made of soapstone or traded because in their areas, clay deposits are rare. We can assume that there were some Viking potters, but like with any nomadic tribe that purposefully plagued a great many lands, they traded a lot. And of course, the Vikings left a trail behind. Much of their pottery is found in the UK.

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