Saturday, June 25, 2005

Triple Down...

Firing last night came out very interesting. I do need new elements, so the glaze was a little more matt and texturized than usual (which is what I wanted for a "fake salt peel" which is what I was trying to accomplish). It was very cool. The reduction/newspaper left a white ash residue on the top layer items (none of those are on this blog yet). Any pieces that the paper touched left a yellow-brown "plume" mark. Not much of a mark, but it was an interesting test.

Within the firing was my German "fuddling" triple-partle puzzel cup.

As you can see, it is three separate drinking vessels...

Thrown with no base of their own (so they wouldn't stand if left to their own devices).

The device is designed from a German 17th century design modified with the Caidain cross, sprig molded in a period fashion.

These things are connected by hallow chambers to make people spill.

High-Fired Stoneware, my own glaze mixture LONG since altered. I mix all my own glazes, fire my own kiln. In period, these were fired lower, but I fire higher to promote durabilty of the pieces and virtification of my clay body.

In Los Angeles, I can not fire Salt in my kiln due to emission laws. Salt, when it hits certain tempuratures, turns to cholrine gas. Bad. In all reality, its as bad as a car exhaust, but with the newspaper burning, I'm starting to think its a good idea that we don't fire salt in my kiln.

This project took me three and a half hours roughly to attach. This doesn't count the throwing time, sclupting the mold, making the mold, or the glazing. Probably the entire project was five hours on one piece.

Which explains the amount of photos I took on this one piece and the amount of care I took with it. All in all, I am extremely proud of this piece for the light-weight feel, and over-all look to the piece. It is DEAD close to its original.

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