Monday, February 05, 2007

12th Century Persian

This is a scraffito-ware, 12th Century re-created beaker. I did all the carving, which took roughly 3 hours to do. I, of course, threw the piece on the wheel, fired and glazed it as well.

This little "mouse" is actually used for the turkish/persian bath. It is a loofah (I can't spell) and the bottom is a bit rougher for exfoliation ( There is a small bead on the inside of the mouse which turns this into a "rattle" as well. So, it may look very simple, this form is pretty tricky to throw, create, decorate and glaze.

Something like this can easily collapse while being decorated in the matter I was doing it, the bead on the inside could stick and not rattle, and the worst thing, in the firing, it could blow up as it is a hollow form. This is the more "period" one by the nose, thought I did do more "English" eyes. I liked these eyes better and I NEVER copy anything exactly because all pieces are MINE and I want to put a part of me as the artist into them. I can copy things, but I won't because I don't feel it is right, even if the artist is dead.

Here is the sillier, cuter one that I gave to Her Majesty, Faizeh. It's a little fatter and I did the nose different.

Cool, huh?

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