Friday, November 26, 2010

Cookware in Late Medieval England

As I research pots to make, I figured I would post a few of the more interesting I come across in a series.

I have many pottery books I've collected over the years, but I tend to look over the Museam of London's online collection a lot. I do this because of their variety as well as they tend to add stuff, which to me, is fairly exciting if it is a new shape or new item that they haven't had up before.

One of the first ceramic objects I am posting is a dripping dish. Details below:

Accession number: 23053
Collection place: Hertfordshire
Production date: Late Medieval; mid 14th-mid 15th century
Material: ceramic; earthenware
Measurements: H 44 mm; L 301 mm; W 240 mm
Museum Section: Medieval
Summary: Reconstructed Late Medieval Hertfordshire Glazed ware dripping dish, with pinched pouring lip at complete end, straight strap handle in centre; almost complete.
Location: Object stored at Mortimer Wheeler House (Ceramics and Glass store)
Category: Medieval glazed ware.
Sub-category: Late Hertfordshire glazed ware.

Looking at this, to me, it looks like the other side that is broken, may have had a pinched pouring lip as well, but I would have to look at a few other examples to make sure they were made in production like that. I think that it had one because it looks a little thicker before the break, preparing for that.

I found an interesting account of dripping dishes and use at Pennsic 2009 (as well as cooking at Pennsic, which was the main point of the article) over here.

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