Monday, March 19, 2012

1580-1800 Earthenware Jar

Another comparison piece, this time a storage jar.

Details off the Museum of London site here.

Accession number: A20254
Production date: 1580-1800
Material: ceramic; earthenware
Measurements: H 132 mm
Museum Section: Post-Medieval
Summary: Jar of unidentified redware with clear glaze, lug handles and rouletted decoration.
Location: Object stored at Mortimer Wheeler House (Ceramics and Glass store)
Sub-category: Surrey/Hampshire border ware.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Deer Aquamanile

Aquamanile are basically water pitchers which were used historically for washing ones hands either before a large feast or within the church. The usually filled them with herbed or flowered water, poured the liquid over the hands and the water would be caught below in a bowl or large basin. They were used throughout most of Europe and in Islam. They were made out of metal and clay.

Wikipedia has a more detailed approach to the definition over here.

There were a number of types of animals and forms used for Aquamaniles. There have been lions, rams, people, birds and many others. I guess you can even think today's cow creamer is a cousin to the aquamanile in a way.

This one I recreated was a Deer that was found in Rye, made sometime between 1300-1399.

Mine is on the left and the original (leg less... appendages usually break off in use or buried over time from pressure) on the right. The original info from the VA is over here.

These ceramic objects are always fun to show off.


Sunday, March 04, 2012

14th-mid 15th century Dripping Dish

I'm always trying to find new things to make that are unique. This is a new form for me and it's hand building, which gets me to use different skills for a change.

Details on this item from the Museum of London over here.

dish; dripping dish
Accession number: 23053
Collection place: Hertfordshire
Production date: Late Medieval; mid 14th-mid 15th century
Material: ceramic; earthenware
Measurements: H 44 mm; L 301 mm; W 240 mm
Museum Section: Medieval
Summary: Reconstructed Late Medieval Hertfordshire Glazed ware dripping dish, with pinched pouring lip at complete end, straight strap handle in centre; almost complete.
Location: Object stored at Mortimer Wheeler House (Ceramics and Glass store)
Category: Medieval glazed ware.
Sub-category: Late Hertfordshire glazed ware.

I took a horrible picture of my final dish. If it doesn't sell, I will try to retake the dish again and do this shot over. I made a decision that there was only one pouring spout as the other side was broken, but it could have just as easily been on both sides.

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