Friday, March 06, 2009

More Romanware for the English/Welsh Persona

A "mug" that was based off a form in the book, "Pottery in Roman Brittain, page 52. This tankard or mug, is Severn Valley ware from Kingsholm (Gloucestershire) and was made for Roman kitchenwares during the second and third centuries. Considered "psuedo-samian formed" (another type of ware) and was very regionalized and not very exported since it was mostly made for the Roman armies stationed in that area.

There were earlier forms of Severn Valley ware starting as early and first century when the Romans came. The region from where these potters reached was in the Mendips, south Wales and the Welsh Marches, and as far north as Cheshire.

These pots are normally an orange-red with carved decorations. I doubled and tripled the size of the actual pieces and used my food safe brown-red glaze... and green one. As far as I can tell from my documentation, the originals were NOT glazed, but it was just raw clay that gave it the color and texture.

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German Sprigged pots

More fun with sprigged pots. I wasn't sure if I had any images up of these types of drinking vessels. I knew I had done these before in the past (very few) but since I just did a few more, I decided to shoot them for the blog. You can really tell the details on the sprig molding and the hand work I did.

These are roughly 16th century, found in the German Stoneware book I have. The brown glaze is more period than the green. The green you can really see the details way better (and personally, I like it with the drips and sand).

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